A close-up photo of two 14 oz coffee bags filled with Jebena Coffee Co. coffee beans. Beside the bags is a clay jebena coffee pot and an overflowing freshly brewed latte

The Jebena Coffee Co.

The Jebena Coffee Co. is one of Seattle’s newest and finest small batch specialty coffee roasters.

We just launched—and things are moving quickly. We recommend calling ahead to order or reserve fresh bags of coffee at Jebena Cafe (more locations coming). Bookmark this page for updates.

Call us at (206) 365-0757 to order/reserve fresh bags of Jebena Coffee Co. coffee.

Our Craft Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, and Limu Arabica Coffees

As we focus on small batch quality, we won’t have all regions or roast types available simultaneously. At least not for a time! If we don’t have your favorite, because we procure exceptional Ethiopian beans—we hope you’ll try another roast or region we have on hand.

Stay tuned for a deeper look at the flavor notes for all of our medium and dark roasts.

About Jebena

At the heart of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony is the jebena—a traditional long-necked brewing pot. These ceremonies bring laughter, create & strengthen bonds, and provide spaces for sharing & love (and many spirited discussions!). We infuse these traditions in every bag of coffee we produce—while encouraging new ways to share the joy of bunna (Amharic for coffee).

Our Coffee’s Journey

Coffee began its storied journey as a native plant of Ethiopia’s southwestern highlands. Today, every Jebena Coffee Co. bean begins its journey in Ethiopia with a farmer’s care & knowledge. These beans are then roasted in Seattle by skilled Ethiopian roasters—and finally packaged & distributed by members of our community. The next journey with a cup of bunna is yours!

Thank you for supporting us
May a cup of bunna be a part of your joyful day