Jebena Cafe's Ethiopian Grocery Market

All Your ‘Habisha’ Needs

Jebena Cafe’s convenient next-door market carries products for all your Habisha needs. If you are cooking Ethiopian food for your friends or family, we’ll happily set you up with all the essentials. We sell:


  • Our house-made Injera
  • Spices & lentils for Ethiopian cooking
  • Teff
  • Premium Ethiopian unroasted coffee
  • Jebena Cafe’s house-roasted coffee!
  • And more

Cultural Items

  • Incense & incense burners
  • And more

Coffee & Tea Supplies

  • Coffeeware & teaware
  • Jebenas
  • Coffee & tea cups and trays
  • And more

And More!

  • Beverages
  • And more!

Please call us in advance for bulk orders.
(206) 365-0757