Jebena Cafe Ethiopian Restaurant Menu
•Extra Injera, $2.00
•Gluten-free Injera available, $2.50 per Injera
•For gluten-free Injera please call 24 hours in advance


1.   Qatena (v)  5.00 (Vegan option available)
Our special spicy Butter and Berbere mix—brushed on top of crunchy Injera.

2.   Samosa (ve)  2.50 each
A savory wrap filled with Lentils, Onions, Jalapeños, and Garlic—mildly spicy.


3.   Beef Tibs  16.50
Hot or mild Lean Top Round Cubes sautéed in our homemade Berbere Sauce.

4.   Dry Beef Tibs  17.50
Spiced Beef Tibs, Jalapeños, Onions, Tomato—and a side of salad.

5.   *Gored Gored  18.00
Hot or mild cubed fresh Beef served rare or medium rare—in a buttery Berbere Sauce.

6.   Bamiya  17.00
A delicious blend of Beef Cubes and Whole Okra cooked in Ethiopian spices.

7.    *Kitfo 18.00   *Special Kitfo 19.00 – (our delicious Kitfo served with Jalapeños and Onions)
Hot or mild Ground Beef cooked in Ethiopian Berbere Sauce and seasoned with Mitmita Chilies.

8.   *Kitfo Sandwich 18.00    1/2 Sandwich 9.00
Our richly-seasoned Kitfo—served as a sandwich in French Bread.


9.   Doro Wot  19.00
Chicken long-stewed in Berbere Sauce—with Red Onions, Tomato, and Butter.

10.   Green Chicken 16.50   Option with Lamb or Beef 17.50
Boneless Chicken and Greens sautéed with flavorful herbs and spices. A popular Seattle-based dish.

11.   Chicken Tibs  16.50
Hot or mild Chicken sautéed in a savory Berbere Sauce.


12.   Lamb Tibs  17.50
Hot or mild Lamb sautéed in a deliciously-spiced Berbere Sauce.

13.   Qey Wot  18.50
Deep-cooked Lamb with seasoned sautéed Greens.


14.   Fir Fir  16.50
Injera or French Bread pieces in a zesty Ethiopian-style Salsa—Lamb, Beef, or Vegetarian.


15.   Tilapia  16.00
Seasoned pan-fried Fish served with Ethiopian Salad and French Bread.

16.   Yasa Tibs  17.00
Tilapia sautéed in a rich and garlicky Berbere Sauce—topped with a light Lemon drizzle. Served with Injera and Salad.


(Substitutions with Doro Wot—add $4.50)

17.   Meat Combination 1 19.50
A mouth-watering mix of Qey Wot, Beef Tibs, and a variety of Veggie Sides.

18.   Meat Combination 2  20.50
For serious meat lovers—a hearty platter of Kitfo, Qey Wot, Beef Tibs, and Veggie Sides.

19. Meat Combination 3 20.00
A beef-free meat combo of Qey Wot, Chicken Tibs, and Veggie Sides.

20.   Jebena Combination 24.50   A great choice for 3 people
All of our best! A generous platter of Kitfo, Qey Wot, Beef Tibs, Doro Wot, and Veggie Sides.

21.   Vegetarian Combination (ve) 19.00   All vegan. No meat substitutions in Vegetarian Combination.
A delicious blend of Shiro Wot, Cabbage, Red and Yellow Lentils, Spinach, and our homemade Salad.


(Side orders, $7.50)   All vegetarian dishes are vegan.

22.   Shiro Wot (ve)  15.00
Blended Chick Peas with Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, Olive Oil, and Spices.

23.   Misir Wot (ve)  15.00
Red Lentils prepared with Red Onions and Olive Oil—mixed with Ethiopian spices in a Berbere Sauce.

24.   Spinach (ve)  15.00
Spinach cooked with Green Onions, Garlic, and Olive Oil.

25.   Salad (ve)  12.50
Our homemade special salad with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, and Jalapeño Peppers.

26.   Cabbage (ve)  15.00
Cabbage mixed with Carrot, Potatoes, Garlic, Green Onions, and Yellow Curry with Olive Oil.


27.   Foul (v) 14.00   Option with Beef 15.50
Fava Beans topped with Tomatoes, Onions, Feta Cheese, Serrano Chilies, and Eggs—sautéed in Olive Oil and served with warm French Bread.

28.   Scrambled Eggs (v)  13.00
Scrambled Eggs with an Ethiopian-style Salsa.

29.   Fir Fir  16.50
Injera or French Bread pieces in a zesty Ethiopian-style Salsa—Lamb, Beef, or Vegetarian.

30.   Quanta Fir Fir  18.00
Tender Beef Jerky specially sautéed with Ethiopian seasonings and poured over pieces of Injera.

31.   Cheche Bsa (v)  14.00
Homemade Pita mixed with spicy Butter, Olive Oil, Berbere, and a side of Yogurt.


Perrier   $3.00
Juice   $3.50
Soda   $2.50
Mexican Soda   $3.00
Ambo Sparling Water   $4.00
Tea   $2.50
Coffee   $3.00
Espresso   $3.50
Latte, Macchiato, & Cappuccino   $4.00


Baklava   $4.00


(v) Vegetarian  (ve) Vegan

* Consuming raw or uncooked meat may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

Extra Injera add $2.00. Gluten-free Injera – $2.50 per Injera; please call 24 hours in advance so we can prepare your special order.